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Secrets uncovering! Not all of Satoshi’s statements have been entirely truthful!




Satoshi NEVER Posted on Bitcointalk



A word can stir up a thousand waves. On March 31, 2020, the latest post on Craig Wright’s blog disclosed that Satoshi had never posted anything on Bitcointalk!(Source URL:





Dr.Craig Wright Questioned Bitcointalk


It is generally known that Bitcointalk, P2P Foundation and (deactivated) have been hailed by Bitcoin enthusiasts as the three main Bitcoin forums.


In addition to the large number of Bitcoin enthusiasts, pioneers and researchers gathered in these forums, a large part of the reason is that Satoshi was active in these forums in the early days.


Bitcointalk, in particular, is considered to be created by Satoshi himself, which is one of the most important traces left by him. Recently, Dr.Craig Wright pointed out that Satoshi had never posted anything on Bitcointalk.



Dr.Craig Wright pointed out in the article that was created in the middle of 2011. (View Creation Time:



But on the forum, a person named “Satoshi” posted 575 posts between November 2009 to December 2010.





All you can see is that someone wants you to see


Satoshi posted on the website in 2009. However the website was created in 2011. Is this time travel or inception? ( Dose it make any sense?)


Dr. Craig Wright said that the we see and use today is not the original Bitcointalk forum where Satoshi posted.


The original Bitcointalk forum is a sub-site of Those posts posted on were migrated from the original Bitcointalk forum and were not migrated by Satoshi himself.



What makes us fear is that every migration might cause some loss and change of Satoshi’s original words intentionally or unintentionally.


Are the comments that Satoshi posted on nowadays really the original message that he was trying to convey?