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The One and Only Mining Pool of Compliance! Mempool Included in China Blockchain Information Service List!

Congratulations! Mempool, the mining pool product of Fuzhou Boquan Network Co., Ltd., has been included in China Blockchain Information Service List by Cyberspace Administration of China as the one and only Bitcoin mining pool.

△Source: Attachment of Domestic Blockchain Information Service List (the 3rd batch)

1、Selected and Listed with Honor

On April 24, the Cyberspace Administration of China issued the 3rd batch of Domestic Blockchain Information Service List and their serial numbers. A total of 224 domestic blockchain information services are included. It’s a great honor that our company has been selected into the List as the one and only mining pool service provider (Cyberspace Office of Fujian Province Record No. 3501041937 3174950010).


Cyberspace Administration of China is the highest authority of cyberspace in China. It is authorized by the State Council to administrate cyberspace contents in China. Currently, the blockchain technology in China has witnessed fast development. The nation is recording blockchain projects, which facilitates the standardization of blockchain technology application, protects data safety, and effectively guarantees technological innovation achievements.

2、About Mempool 

Mempool, established in November, 2018, is a service provider to handle transactions on the blockchain of Bitcoin SV, the only unchangeable source of truth around the globe. It boasts the right to write assets and operations to blockchain, so as to help enterprises use Bitcoin SV blockchain while not owning BSV. Mempool always holds the faith for the Satoshi Vision described in the original Bitcoin white paper. And it is dedicated to building a safe and stable digital mining pool currency.

There are also flexible favorable policies for the mining pool. Smart shift of miners between BTC Chain and BSV Chain is supported to help users achieve the best return. With just one button, users can do hedge transactions in exchanges and lock returns. Moreover, the third party can observe the accounts in a real-time manner, so on and so forth. Up until now, Mempool has earned much appreciation and trust from massive users. In the meantime, no matter from the perspective of compliance, or issuing legal VAT invoices after purchasing mining rig contracts, Mempool, as a legal mining service provider complying with relevant regulations, can be demonstrated as a good example in legal and proper development in the blockchain industry.

Therefore, since being launched online, Mempool has applied for the recordation immediately. During the period of over one year, we have been preparing for it. Recently, the application was approved and it has entered the phase of public notice. This time, since BTC/BSV mining pool service has gained the approval by Cyberspace Administration of China and been included in the Blockchain Information Service List, it offers powerful support for our company in the market competition, and our brand image has been greatly enhanced. In the future, our company will continue to follow the laws and regulations of the country, so as to help honest enterprises create value by using the blockchain ledger, and we will always provide our clients with the best and the most considerate service.

Based on Mempool mining pool service, there are also derivative services as follows: 

01 To provide solutions for blockchain developers—DotWallet · Mempool Open Platform

DotWallet · Mempool Open Platform provides developers with all kinds of solutions based on blockchain development. Through the open platform, all types of developers can effectively develop blockchain products. At present, the open platform provides the following APIs: 1. user authorization: developers can gain basic user information through the authorization mechanism of DotWallet platform; 2. payment interface: including normal payment interface and automatic payment interface; 3. data to be launched onto the chain through escrow account: developers can write data to the chain through the escrow account of default data onto the chain service; 4. Merchant API of miners: developers can check the Mempool miner rate through this service, send the transaction directly to Mempool for broadcasting and confirm the transaction status; 5. svdb: developers can check related information on the chain through the authorization mechanism of the DotWallet platform. 

02 To offer investors one-stop mining rig purchase and escrow services -- Mempool contract platform

Mempool contract platform is to offer BTC/BSV miners with one-stop mining rig contract purchase and escrow services. It aims at helping new clients get involved in the Bitcoin mining industry quickly with lower costs, making mining simple and efficient. The mining rigs of Mempool contract will be operated in Mempool mining pool, which would be guaranteed by Mempool to make sure the users can get high returns. Mempool contract platform supports quick cryptocurrencies exchange, smart mining, and other functions. Currently, it has successfully launched a mini program of the contract platform on WeChat, so as to provide users with more convenient, efficient, and transparent mining services. 

3、About Boquan Network

Fuzhou Boquan Network Co., Ltd. is a technological innovation company focusing on the blockchain field. It is committed to the research and development of Internet products for blockchain and digital currency. The founders of the team enjoy over 10 years of experience in the R&D and have earned the title of Google Top Developer. Members include Internet veterans with years of BAT work experience, the first of blockchain enthusiasts in China, the top technical workers who excel at algorithm, etc. Now, the company has a full set of products: DotWallet -- a lightweight wallet targeted at BSV; Mempool mining pool -- the leading Bitcoin mining pool of BTC/BSV mining services; Mempool contract platform -- to provide investors with Mempool-based one-stop mining rig purchase and escrow services; blockchain browser -- to support BTC/BSV check, etc. Boquan Network aims to continuously explore the application of blockchain technology, to create a healthy financial ecosphere and to use Bitcoin to change the world.