Boquan Network

Fuzhou Boquan Network Co., Ltd was founded in 2016. It is a scientific innovation company dedicated in the blockchain industry. It is committed to using Bitcoin ledger “Global immutable single source of truth” to push forward our society. It creates innovative coinless blockchain services and provides developers and entrepreneurs a simple, secure and stable blockchain infrastructure.


Mempool® was founded in November 2018. It is a blockchain transaction service provider. As the first mining pool that mined the first BitcoinSV block, it broke a world record of 125M block packing transaction.

“Real time monitoring, intelligent switch, transparent earnings” are the service goals of Mempool®. The system can automatically switch to the ming pools with higher incomes on the public chain. In this way, the system will generate 2% more earnings than the normal mining method.  Mempool® provides users with more stable earnings by optimizing mining pools costs and service fees.

We believe in Satoshi’s vision in the Bitcoin white book. Mempool® is committed to creating a secure and stable computing environment. Today, Mempool® has opened services on Web, Android and IOS versions, bringing users efficient and transparent mining pool services anytime anywhere.

Based on autonomous compting power, Mempool® has unique “BitcoinasaService” data service. Chinese enterprises can assess developing infrastructures and bitcoin services on the Bitcoin public chain without using bitcoin. It is convenient for enterprises to obtain the credit endorsement of public blockchain internationally without alliances. This process saves transaction costs and improve communication greatly.

Mempool® Miner Contract Managememt Platform

Platform Introduction

Mempool® Miner Contract Management Platform is a one-stop miner sales custodial service platform for micro and small clients to join mining using super-computing servers. It reduces clients’ participating threshold and costs by scale mining.

0 Threshold Mining - miner contract management platform deals with procedures considering miner purchase, transportation, deployment, maintenance, removal and more of super-computing servers. Users only need to log in to contract management system to check and withdraw without spending any extra operation costs.

Mempool® Miner Contract management platform supports one-click switch function. It can swap between different computing powers on public chain according to users’ need. It can automatically switch to the higher-yield minging pools efficiently to ensure the maximum profits for users.


On April 24th, state internet information bureau (China) released the third batch of domestic blockchain information service list including names and registration numbers. 224 domestic information services are listed. Boquan Network’s subsidiary Mempool® was among the list. 

Mempool® is a legally compliant blockchain service provider. From cloud computing compliance, to value-added invoices we issued to our customers, we have been focused on the legal and compliant development on the blockchain industry. Fujian Boquan Hash Technology Co., Ltd and Fuzhou Hash Supercomputing Technology Co., Ltd have over 17 blockchain related patents. Its product Mempool® is authorized with China’s Value-added Telecommunication Service Licences (Internet Content Provider (ICP) and Internet Data Center (IDC) ).  Mempool® is the only BSV/ BTC mining pool service provider for the domestic blockchain information service in State Cyberspace Administration of China. ( Fujian Internet Information:  No. 35010419373174950010).

Mining Operation

Mempool® has many legitimate pools scattered in China. Our team have secure protection to cope with weather changes and emergencies. 7*24 maintenance service guarantee secure and stable operations.

Compared to other pools in the market, Mempool® has more favorable custodial policies in mining machines. During high flow period, Mempool® adopts a “win-win” principal to guarantee the best earnings for users. Mempool® takes full responsibilities to users’ mining machines. Staff maintain the cleanness, connection, accessory update of machines to optimize their performance.