Mempool was founded in November 2018, it is to provide users with BTC and BSV mining services Bitcoin mining pool, but also the country's leading BSV mining pool.

With AsicBoost technology, it can greatly reduce energy consumption, improve mining efficiency, and create higher and more benefits for users. “Real-time monitoring of mining machine , automatic switching of currency, automatic mining of mine, and transparent revenues of user”, Mempool believes that the Nakamoto vision described in the original Bitcoin white paper is dedicated to creating a safe and stable digital pool currency.

Mempool supports the Web and the Android. We will open the IOS soon, for users can enjoy the efficient and transparent mining pool services anytime and anywhere.

About Boquan Network

Boquan Network was founded in June 2016.We are a company dedicating to technological innovation, focusing on the Blockchain Field. We are committing to Internet R&D in the Blockchainand digital currency sectors.

Boquan possess a global Top5 mining farm and rich product line, including BCH wallet, Blockchain browser, Cloud computing power, mining pool, mining farm. Our target is to create an ecological circular to use the Blockchain to change the world.